About TextCritical.net

TextCritical.net is a website that provides ancient Greek texts and useful analysis tools. Development began in September 2012.

About the Author

TextCritical.net is designed and developed by Luke Murphey. I'm a Developer at Splunk. In my free time, I develop open source projects (among other things). You can see some of them on LukeMurphey.net.

Why make the site?

It is surprisingly difficult to find freely accessible ancient Greek works in the original languages online. Finding morphologically parsed works is particularly difficult. Some works are available for a fee but they are often rather expensive. For example, the works of Flavius Josephus are available from Logos, but they are nearly $200! TextCritical.net aims to offer these works for free.

Source Code

This site is open source. See LukeMurphey.net for information regarding how to get access to the source code and how to set up your own instance of the site for development purposes. Contact us if you like to give us some suggestions or help. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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